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29-30 mai 2017 | Workshop international | UM

par Admin TEMOS - 10 mai 2017

Itineraries, Collections and Provincial Museums (1770-1920)

The aim of this workshop is to extend and consolidate existing collaborations between researchers in the history of natural history, archaeology and ethnography, as well as in the history of science museums and collections in the long nineteenth century (ca. 1770-1920).
The landscape of nineteenth-century museums and collections is much wider, more nuanced and complex than the traditional historiography, centered on the main collections assembled by northern Europe’s colonial powers, has suggested. Museums and collections were the creatures of individual actors and resulted from complex relationships, institutional settings, environmental conditions, contingencies, diverse cultural contexts and social constellations. This project focuses on museums and collections in the so-called “peripheries” : the colonial and post-colonial territories, and the European “provinces”. It will show how artifacts, plants and substances, through their relationship with people, travelled and connected the world in the period, creating networks that were not centralized around the European national museums.

International Workshop – Le Mans University (Le Mans, France)
May 29-30, 2017
Université du Maine, MSHS du Mans, salle verte, premier étage

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