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2 juin 2017 | Séminaire Interlabo | Saragosse

par Admin CERHIO - 1er juin

Journée interlabo du GERN (Groupe Européen de Recherches sur les Normativités)


"Researching juvenile justice practices : discussing the pains of doing criminological research"

Organisation : Jenneke Christiaens (Vrije Universiteit Brussel Belgium) and María José Bernuz (University of Zaragoza- Spain)

2nd of June 2017 Zaragoza (Spain), Sala de Juntas, Faculty of Law, Campus San Francisco

Introduction :
Central to this GERN seminar is the discussion and reflection on deontological, methodological or ethical problems related to doing criminological research, more specifically on juvenile justice practices. With this seminar we want to put forward the complexity of doing criminological research (both quantitative and qualitative) and the problems researchers are confronted with during the whole research process.
This seminar proposes to organise the discussion starting from specific (empirical) research and the obtained results, moving on to the deontological and methodological questions and decisions that were taken, such as :
• (Formal) Access to participants (especially minors/youngsters)
• The (research driven) interaction with participants
• Doing research and the researchers’ emotions or subjectivity
• The impact or consequences of scientific intervention for the persons involved or practices studied
• The issue of informed consent (and how to obtain participation)

Eric Pierre (UA) y fera une communication intitulée "Entre les sœurs et les filles, comment écrire l’histoire du Bon Pasteur d’Angers au XXe siècle ?".

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